feb 25, 2022, the 19th General Assembly held its regular assembly!!!

On  February 18, 2015, the representatives of the 20th General Assembly held its regular and special assembly at the Inter Legery Hotel!!!

At this meeting, the 2015 annual plan performance report of Viable Savings and Credit Cooperative Society was presented to the General Assembly. According to the report, in 2015 half-year performance, a total of 1.5 billion birr was given to members who met the loan criteria; that the number of total members reached 97,598; Zerihun Sheleme, the founder and chief executive officer of Awach Savings and Loan Basic Cooperative Association, presented the report and approved the report.

 The report of the Cooperative's Control Committee was also presented through Ms. Sophanit Getathew, who is the secretary and chairperson of the committee. They stated that there is an excellent performance in terms of member satisfaction and service delivery.
 The amendment of the effective governance regulation was presented by Mr. Geremew Amare, who is the head of the strategic management and marketing department of the cooperative, and it was discussed and approved by the general assembly. Finally, Mr Birhanu Dufera, Director of Financial Cooperative Development Directorate of Ethiopian Cooperative Commission, gave a closing speech and the conference ended.

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