Awach SACCOS organized the ICA-Africa board members meeting.

Awach held the 47th International Cooperative Alliance—Africa board members meeting on March 25, 2024. By organizing the event, Awach was the first to represent the Ethiopian cooperative, which was celebrated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (the headquarters of the AU), and facilitated the event in a successful way.


The board meeting was held before in Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, and other member countries, and fortunately, Awach got the chance to introduce Ethiopia and its cooperative experiences. Furthermore, side by side with the ICA-Africa board members, the team visited Awach SACCOS and showed their stunning appreciation.

Founder and CEO, Mr. Zerihun Sheleme, has presented Awach’s initial step to the current progressive successes. And after visiting and observing each department, the board members said that Awach stretched and achieved beyond the limit. The team highly appreciated the founders and the higher management for their strong leadership directives.


It is known that Awach is heading with a fast pace and success to meet the 2030 goal, which was intended to be an internationally competent SACCOS.


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