Addis Ababa

Head Office

Awach SACCOS Ltd., Head Office
  • Aware Agar Building 
    P.O.Box 34752


  • Mexico Head Office, where Hibret Bank head Office exists.

Branch Offices

Addisu Gebeya

Jambo Building, 3rd floor

Kality Branch

Total Kafdem, 1st floor

Gerji Branch

Jackros Square, on the building where Abyssinia Bank exists, 1st floor

Hossana Branch

In front of Colonel Bezabih Square, BNB building 1st floor

6 kilo Branch

Leadership Building (Ground)

Adama Branch

In front of Warka, AHY Hotel, 2nd Floor

Arba Minch Branch

Gamo Square, where Dashen Bank exists, 1st Floor

Stadium Branch

Yeha City Center building (Ground Floor)

Hawassa Branch

Branch 1, Godguada sefer, Sena building (Ground)

Branch 2, Old bus Station, Near to Tigist Hotel, 1st Floor 

Woliso Branch

Near to Post Office, in front of Knife Cafe', 1st floor

Lideta Branch

A.I.A Commercial Centre Building  (2nd Floor)

Salite Mihiret Branch

Dirar Mall building, First Foor

Kolfe Branch

Around 18 square, Rediet Building, 1st floor

Legetafo Branch

Walin Building, 1st floor

Jemo Branch

Express Plaza Building, 1st Floor

Megenagna Branch

Meseret Defar Building, (Ground)

Mizan Aman Branch

Mizan Square, Bergess Exit

Filance Branch

G.E.A.M.A.F Building, 2nd Floor

Ambo Branch

Infront of Tele, Neqemte Cafe' and Restaurant, 1st floor 

Saris Branch

Sendefe Building, 3rd floor

Debre Birhan Branch

Atse Zereyakob Square, Near to Sillassie Church

Sillassie Branch

Saint Sillassie Spiritual Collage building, 1st Floor

Bole Branch

In front of Bole Medhianealem Asres Building, 1st Floor

Alem Bank Branch

Alem Bank Square, on the building where Awash Bank exists, 1st floor

Sululta Branch

Bajaj Tera, where Commercial Bank of Ethiopia exists, 2nd Floor

Regional City

Branch Offices

Alemgena Branch

Gelan Guda, Addis Sefer near to Tele, Infront of Biftu driving license school

Holeta Branch

Dede Building, near to Han pharmacy, 1st floor

Bishoftu Branch

Tourist Sefer, Mina Bena building, 1st floor

Chancho Branch

Adam Building (Ground)

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